About ISIS: A Love Story

Inspired by true events, ISIS: A Love Story weaves real-life details of the Syrian Civil War into a fictional romance between two of its combatants. The story is concise but complete- written to be taken in one sitting. 

The unlikely protagonists are two star-and-crescent-crossed ISIS Fighters - Majnun and Ali fighting a jihad across Syria during the Syrian Civil War. As bombs boom around them so does their battlefield bromance. When a chance encounter starts to grow into something more the two young radicals struggle to reconcile their identities. Passions and tensions swell, tearing Majnun and Ali between the two things they are - battle-hardened Salafi mujahideen and gay lovers. Forced to confront these conflicting identities, the star-and-crescent crossed ISIL fighters have to decide what matters more - Islamic extremism- or each other. 

Painted not as a view from outside looking in but from the inside looking around, the tale strips away the absolutism of the black flag and relayers it into shades of grey. With an unprecedented view, ISIS: A Love Story showcases a time and place, love and war, beauty and barbary, and life and death. 

The first of its kind, this exciting straight-from-the-headlines narrative offers an unparalleled view of ISIS through the eyes of ISIS. 

It's like nothing you've ever read.